Will You Go Without Shoes?

For one day, TOMS is asking you to forfeit your Louboutins, Choos, Nine Wests or even Air Force Ones for it's fifth annual TOMS Shoes One Day Without Shoes to generate awareness for children in need.  TOMS is already a success with it's one for one program, where for each pair of  TOMS you purchase a pair of shoes gets donated to a child. Tomorrow, April 10th, TOMS is asking you to join them for a barefoot walk in Tompkins Square Park. If you can't join the walk, kick off your shoes for a full day, an hour or just a minute and think of the numerous children whom are plighted with disease and injury caused by poverty and inability to have their very own pair of shoes.  TOMS is a leading retail company with a socially responsible message, take your shoes off tomorrow or join the walk you're doing something good.