All You Need To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Herradura Tequila Silver 

Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow and no matter how and where you celebrate it you'll have fun. If you're throwing a party, I suggest you stock up on Cointreau.  If you're a  guest, wow your host  with Herradura Tequila Silver. Both Cointreau and Herradura give off an essence of luxury rather than frat house booze that will have you swearing off liquor the following morning. Not sure what to serve? Class up your menu with a Bay Scallop Ceviche instead of chips and salsa. Abstain from doing shots and offer two signature cocktails. Try the Herradura Splash, a combination of  pineapple and cranberry juice, Herradura Silver and a splash  of lemon-lime soda.  Your guest will really fall in love with you when they try the Pineapple Chili Margarita, a twist on the classic Margarita. Mix together Cointreau, Herradura  Silver, lime and pineapple juice with a  dash of Tabasco sauce for that extra kick. A mixture of sweet and savory with the acid from the lime juice cutting the heat from Tabasco, it's a mating of mutual flavors. Whether guest or host, Herradura and Cointreau are the only two things you need for Cinco de Mayo.