Not Quite Chanel

The Chanel jacket is an icon in itself. Like an  Hermes bag, the Chanel jacket is crafted by tradesmen and admired by the aspirational in addition to  the old money set. The Chanel jacket is the status of status symbols. However, at two thousand dollars it remains out of the price range for the ninety-nine percent. Just in time for late spring early summer, fast fashion behemoth, Zara has crafted the Chanel-esque jacket for the aspirational fashionista with a more modest budget.  With the frayed edges, strong shoulders, imitation boucle and perfectly proportioned cut, the Zara attempt at a Chanel jacket is rather excellent and at less than $200, it looks rich enough. 

Note: Want to see how an actual Chanel jacket is made, click here..

photos courtesy of Zara