Beauty Tips From The US Synchronized Swim Team

The United States Synchronized Swim Team are my heros. How else would you describe a group of hard working, disciplined women athletes that take almost two hours to do hair and make up? I had the chance to trade beauty tips with all the lovely ladies of the team earlier this month and let's say I will never look at gelatin the same way.

US Synchronized Swim Team
These dedicated athletes are huge fans of Infusium 23  hair products. Imagine, the havoc that your hair takes when your practicing in a chlorine filled pool for up to 8 hours a day. They were all fans of Infusium 23 Moisture and Replenisher Line which restores not only moisture to parched hair but also restores and protects against dryness with its Leave In Conditioner. Want to know something funny, Infusium 23 was one of the first leave in conditioners I used, thanks to Queen beauty junkie, my Mom.  Faced with the harsh chemicals that can ravage your hair's cuticle, the Repair and Renew Line is another favorite of these athletic ladies. While chatting them up I learned, that in order to get that super slick hairstyle in competition, they use gelatin to hold the hair in place. They also have their costumes custom made and usually have matching hair pieces that can take up to 30 minutes and over 50 pins to make work. The best part of speaking with the ladies is when they mentioned their cheeks hurting from smiling so much during both practice and competition. Although, the team didn't qualify for a spot at the Olympics taking place in London, the ladies are winners in my book. Only a true winner could share weird  beauty secrets with  so much ease. 
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