Best Post Hair Removal Treatments

 Whether you wax, shave, thread or use a topical cream there is always the fear of ugly ingrown hairs that can wreck your bikini line. Here at Shop, Eat and Sleep we've formed a list of the top three   products on the market for tending to the uber sensitive bikini area and avoiding the fugliness of ingrown hairs.

At the top of the list of post hair removal creams is Tend Skin. Recommended by top  salon professionals, Tend Skin is sort of the kitchen sink of post hair removal products.  Although Tend Skin has a large number of female consumers, the blue bottle attracts  male consumers as well, ridding them of razor bumps and "cherry neck" a condition men get from tight neck ties. In addition to Tend Skin being an all in one post hair removal it works well as a deodorant also.

Bikini Zone was one of the first products I ever tried when I was but a young lad wanting to be a real woman and shaved rather than wax. When hair grows in from shaving it can be a form of medieval torture. Rather than resembling   a perverted Tasmanian Devil prone to borderline epileptic fits of scratching, Bikini Zone's Medicated Creme is the saving grace. While in college, I discovered this topical formula at Duane Reade and have been forever grateful since.

Sally Hansen's Zero Bumps Spray, is commonplace in the medicine cabinets of Midwestern housewives as well as exotic dancers in Miami. I tried it just this past weekend and besides the pleasant vanilla scent, this spray doesn't leave an old film that can lead to staining clothes.  The bullet size portable packaging is cute enough to carry in broad day light.