Dad Swag: Father's Day Gift Guide Part Two

There are so many options for dad this time around, we had to make a part two gift guide. Yesterday was all about wine and spirits today is about helping dad channel his inner swag. Whether smelling or looking great or both, these gift ideas will make good old dad feel like great.

Make dad smell like a million bucks with Chrome Summer eau de toilette by Azarro. The amber scented fragrance is reminiscent of the aquatic life right down to the bottle.  

Every man wants great skin but sharing products with mom can be part intimidating part embarrassing. Organic Male OM4 is skin type specific and strictly addresses the skin needs of men. With both natural and organic ingredients, you won't freak your old man out with things he can't pronounce making it easy for him to use. 


Most men have an assortment of cuff links to go along with their ties and sock collection this holiday, add some bling with a pair of Swarovski Crystallized cuff links. Sleek and sophisticated with a little bit if glamour, any man would love these. 

Stay tuned later today for the final part of Father's Day Gift Guide dad needs something to wear.