Thanks To The Body Shop, Beauty Has A Heart

It's a cruel world in the beauty business. From animal testing to unfair trade practices for rare ingredients, the semantics of the beauty industry could be down right ugly. For over thirty years, beauty conglomerate The Body Shop has not only provided some of the best beauty products at a great price in the industry but also set an ethical example as to how a business can be humane, compassionate and socially responsible. From  absolutely no animal testing, one hundred percent vegan products to sourcing and collaborating with fair trade ingredients, The Body Shop wants you to know that beauty can have a heart.

Without reinventing the wheel, The Body Shop has recently launched some new products including, a cruelty free makeup line with model Lily Cole,  Beautifying Body Oils and revised packaging on my personal favorite, the Body Butters. Just in time for this heat wave where everything feels horrible and sticky, the Body Mists gives you a light refreshing dash of fragrance, the oils give your skin moisture and a sultry sheen and the body butters help sooth your heels. Although you maybe tempted to purchase online, you may have to step foot in one of their newly designed stores, set to make the The Body Shop a true beauty buying experience.