Drunken Cherries

What do you do when you have over five pounds  of cherries? You get them drunk of course, by using a pretty glass container and  your favorite liquor or liquors. Armed with fully stocked bar I tried out two different versions of drunken cherries, one straight up and one mixed cocktail.  As you can see from the image above, the container on the right is labeled with a nice pink Post-It with vodka scrawled on it. I combined about a half a pound of clean, cherries minus the seeds and stems to a clean glass container. I placed the cherries in the container, added a teaspoon of sugar and poured the last of my Smirnoff Vodka and let my favorite summer fruit go on vacation. Since the glass containers are not airtight like canning jars, I placed them in the refrigerator to  chill out and get acquainted with one another. 

The container on the left was more of an experiment which I believe will come out well.  With the same prep I gave to the vodka cherries, I poured the rest of my favorite triple sec, Cointreau along with a newly discovered rum, I was gifted at a Land's End event earlier this year called Cane & Abe. I predict the vodka based cherries will have a cleaner taste where as my triple sec/rum cherries will have a more robust  full bodied  flavor. I'd like for   the flavors to ripen and truly  mature so I'm giving it a week from now before I take a shot at them. What do you think? Do you guys have any recipes for getting fruit drunk?