A Field Trip To Vente-Privee's Digital Factory

Last week, I hiked over to Tenth  Avenue to visit the digital factory of flash sale site vente-privee. Many would consider vente-privee to be the European Godfather of the flash sale site business model. Where as sites such as Gilt, Haute Look and Rue La La  have exploded in the past five years here in the United States, Vente-Privee which loosely translated in French means private sale, was founded in France in 2001. With eleven years to create the platform, vente-privee amassed a billion dollar company and just last year partnered with American Express and launched here in the United States.

Shoes lined up for a future sale


The digital factory visit reminded me of a field trip to a high end photo shoot I'd taken in college. With typical open creative space and Euro pop tunes coming out of the speakers, myself and a team of other well dressed ladies learned from the creative, public relations and sales teams what goes into the editorial look of each flash sale. Unlike their competitors, who  create  predictable yet successful visuals of their inventory, the team at vente-privee strive to create whimsical, lavish and inspirational images all in the name of  moving  designer excess inventory. 

Men's apparel scheduled to be shot 

Creative Team working with models

Creative Director overseeing a still life shoot

The art director giving us insight to a past shoot.

Like anything in fashion, Europe starts the trend and us Americans follow suit. With American creativity many times  held back by budgets and other commercial humdrum, European brands are allotted liberating and sometimes budget busting approval to create lavish imagery. Not a believer, flip through an issue of American Vogue and then an issue of Vogue Italia and see the difference. 

Giddy with excitement our group of fashion lovers purred over the soon to be shot inventory and the well organized accessories closet  and after a desk side chat with the retouch team, we got in for a group shot to mark the occasion. 

Unfortunately, there were no diva antics and we all humbly sat for our portrait but I was able to reach for my inner Beyonce and take a  solo candid shot.

If you're not a member of vente-privee, sign up soon as upcoming sales include Tahari for both men and women as well as Trina Turk, Charles Jourdan and sunglasses by Carrera. The site has added value for male shoppers as well as Amex holders and believe it or not, you'll feel like your shopping in Europe right from your desk.