How Do You Get Pretty: Ali Fedotowsky

Starting this summer we're kicking off a new series How Do You Get Pretty were we highlight the beauty routines of some of our favorite faces. To kick  off  this series we spoke with former Season 6 Bachelorette and  host of 1st Look LX TV, Ali Fedotowsky on her beauty must haves courtesy of Open Sky.  Don't let Ali's  fun loving girl next door looks fool you, this cutie is a beauty geek on the low. Check  out our beauty Q&A with Ali, take a peek into her makeup bag here and find who is her favorite Kardashian.

Ali Fedotowsky- How Do You Get Pretty?

What is the difference between your day beauty routine and your evening routine?
The difference is how I do my lashes.  During the day I do a simple look and at night I like a big, long and voluminous look..  Ellis Faas mascara is my go-to.  I’ll take more time to get ready – I’ll use lip liner but still go for the natural-look with nudes and blushes.

Ellis Faas Mascara

Two products you can't live without?
  Vassuer skin lotion - I cannot stress how much I like to be tan and I cannot stress EVEN MORE how I never go in the sun without SPF lotion on. I really love this particular lotion because it doesn't dry sticky and it smells so good! I put it on every morning before I put on my makeup.  Great mascara - Again, I'm all about the lashes. I couldn't live without great mascara.

Vasseur Skincare Amazing Face Kit 

Guilty beauty product pleasure? (one you wouldn't mine paying over $75 for)
Clip-in extensions.  I’d spend upwards of over $500 and if you get extensions you have to get nice ones. 

You're OpenSky shop leans more to the Cali girl beauty and style routine. What city from your recent travels has influenced your beauty and style?
New York.  When I did my first few segments of 1st Look I dressed like a Cali girl and wore bright colors.  NY is more chic and black is the “it” color so I definitely learned about toning it down and wearing a more hipster-chic look.  

On the Bachelorette did you find any of your suitors to be "mansome" or uber metro sexual?
No I think they were all pretty handsome.  Craig M. from the very beginning of the show had crazy hair and I think described himself as handsome!
Craig M. 

 What is your tip for looking your best this summer? 
Spray tan and using organic spray tan.  Lavish tan is the best beauty thing I could possibly do. There is no way I’m going to risk getting melanoma and getting wrinkles.

Lavish Tan 

 Kim, Kourtney or Khloe?
Kourtney. She seems very laid back and cool and someone I’d want to hang out with.  I’ve heard she’s awesome. 

For all of the products listed here and more, head over to OpenSky also follow Ali on Twitter for her zany take on music, life and traveling.  
Janine said...

For your question about "What is your tip for looking your best this summer?", if yours is a spray tan, mine would probably be everything about coconut oil. This is probably my beauty secret and my bet partner when it comes to moisturizing my hair and skin especially during this season.