How Do You Get Pretty: Tai Beauchamp

Tai Beauchamp is the type of woman who can walk into a room and garner the attention of men, women and children, young and old.  You've most likely seen the statuesque style and beauty expert on your favorite morning and talk shows including Good Day New York and The Wendy Williams Show. With over a decade of  professionally playing dress up we had to ask Ms. Beauchamp the most valued questions here at Shop, Eat and Sleep and so Tai Beauchamp, How Do You Get Pretty?

What is your beauty routine?

Morning (skincare/makeup) routine:
Whew, this is a question! Hope you have time! When I say, I’m a beauty girl, believe me when I say it takes prayers (and expiration dates) for me to dispose of or trash products. I truly enjoy and treat my beauty “routine” as rituals. And I don’t consider myself “high maintenance”, I just appreciate process! Of course, these processes and products can change season to season. Here’s what’s in rotation now:


After spending at least 2 minutes brushing with my Oral B Turbo (obsessed!), I cleanse daily with Yon-Ka Paris Gel Nettoyant and tone with Yon-Ka Paris Lotion. I hydrate my skin with Kiehl’s Ultra Face Moisturizer and use LaseResults Eye Focused Treatment. At least 2-3 times per week I exfoliate in the AM with Kiehl’s Deep Pore Daily Cleanser.


 I believe beautiful healthy glowing skin is essential and discovered SmashBox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 in Dark earlier this summer. I love it because it is  a multi-tasker that is light enough for the heat and leaves my skin looking flawless and has an SPF. I use MAC Studio Finish Concealer under my eyes, I fill in my brows with Lorac Take a Brow in Brunette. I like adding a hint of color to my lash line and often use Tarte emphasEYESliner. I won’t go to the drugstore without mascara or blush! CoverGirlLash Blast is my fave because it doesn’t smear and the wand works well for my upper and lower lashes. For a natural, flushed glow on cheeks I am a fan of Tarte Natural Cheek Stain in True Love. When I want a bit of radiance, I highlight my skin with Baked Blush in Rose Gold from my makeup artist and friend Cynde Watson’s new line, Rich Cosmetics. As of late, I prefer a punched up lip and love the rich, creamy and long wearing CoverGirl BlastFlipStick in Pucker or Cheeky.  There are days when I want to keep it fresh and simple and love the shine (minus stickiness) of UrbanDecay Pocket Rocket in Rashad. Finishing powder is a must, especially for my nose. I love Makeup Forever HD High Definition Powder.

When possible, I try to go makeup free at least 1 day a week...but the mascara and gloss are musts always!

Overnight skin ritual: 
In the evening, I cleanse my skin with two steps: First, I use Olay Cleansing Cloths to help gently remove makeup, even in the delicate eye area. Then I cleanse with Yon-Ka Lait Nettoyant or LaseResults Exfoliating Cleanser and then moisturize with Revive Moisturizing Renewal Cream Supreme Ultra Retexturizing Hydrator. I use LaseResults eyecream. I also spot treat any blemishes with Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. At least 2-3 times per week, especially after late nights, I’ll use Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate instead of my standard Revive Moisturizer.

When you  get ready to do your face each day, what are the thoughts going through your head?

Whether I’m getting dressed or applying makeup, I am really always thinking about what it is I want to communicate that day. Do I want to bring drama, power, pretty, fresh, or sexy. I see beauty and makeup as a way to express yourself, communicate what and how you are feeling and an opportunity to enhance or accentuate your features. I consider my makeup look, my “wink” at the world.

How do you purchase beauty products? Online or Make-up Counter?

Most of my purchases are made online. There are few occasions when I want to try or test on a new color or texture, in which case, I’ll go into the department store to try it. But I’m fortunate to work in the beauty industry which means, I get to try new products as part of my job! And my makeup artists often try new shades and formulas that I quietly tuck into my bag. Smile.

Hair, nails, face rate them in priority.

OH NO! I am not sure I can do this one! Face (healthy skin is the foundation for great face, hair and nails!)!
But if you make me choose, I’d go face, hair (since I’ve been known to slick it back at times), and nails (but even sans professional manicure, they must be filed, clean, and cuticles smooth). That was hard!

What was your first makeup purchase?

I didn’t begin wearing makeup officially until I was like 25 or 26. Most beauty editors are makeup minimalists. The key for me is to wear makeup but not look like you are wearing tons of makeup!  But I think my first makeup purchase (save my Bonne Bell lipgloss when I was 4), would have to have been Maybelline Great Lash when I was 16 or so since my grandmother said it wasn’t hygienic for me to use hers. But I started weekly getting manicures at 12 with my mom.

Are you a beauty junkie or more a devoted and loyal customer?

Both! There are products I’ve been using for more than a decade like Yon-ka Skincare, Kiehl’s, and Olay but I love testing new’s very much part of being a beauty and style expert! I have to know what is good or not and that means putting it to the Tai Test!

Which celebrity's makeup/grooming do you admire?

Kerry Washington’s makeup always looks gorgeous! There’s something so regal about her choice in makeup. I also love Zoe Saldana and Frida Pinto’s simple and fresh-faced looks. I like Halle Berry’s pixie for obvious reasons. Smile! Seriously, I love how she helped cement everyone’s love and appreciate for shorter hair.

If you only had $20 what beauty product(s) would you spend it on?

I’d head to Target! Olay Cleansing cloths, a brown eyeliner (for brows & eyes), mascara, and red lipstick (it can double rouge and lipcolor)! I could do it if I had to!

Ever regret a beauty trend i.e. white eyeliner, pineapple crunch fake beauty marks?

I look at photos from the 90s and regret that I cut my hair into an asymmetrical bob a la  Salt n Pepa!
But I also can’t fathom why we ever used a dark lip liner to line our lips.

Which of the two holidays best describe you New Year's Eve or Valentine's Day and why?

New Year’s Eve! It’s the holiday when most people celebrate life, new beginnings, and growth usually with someone or people they love. I value this sentiment and try to live this way every single day! 

If you're in love with Tai as much as we are, follow her on Twitter @taibeau for more style and beauty musings! 

Photos of Tai Beauchamp courtesy of T. Beauchamp all other images from Google