Say Yes To A Dress

In this highly saturated world of fast fashion where every other outfit is an homage  of Top Shop, H&M  or American Apparel, there lies a site like Shabby Apple, where the modern day  woman  can purchase with style  and anonymity.

Shabby Apple Blue Eyes Blue Chiffon Dress $96

Fiercely loyal to the  feminine shopper, Shabby Apple keeps the dress alive. On its own, the dress has seen a rapid fire resurgence with the likes of celebrities  such as Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama who strike poses in frocks varying from uber tight, to wasp waist retro. The folks at Shabby Apple keep a contemporary but vintage inspired look to their designs. From the  Blue Eyes dress  seen above   that resembles a piece right our of the  1950s to the more Camelot era  looks like Nantucket and Racquet Club. The whimsically named pieces provide you with a title appropriate to the style and era that the collection is usually  inspired from. 

Shabby Apple Too Darn Hot $92

With an excellent price point (most dresses are under $99), Shabby Apple grants you the ultimate fun and feminine way to dressing.

While on the topic of femininity, Israeli born London raised designer Tamar Daniel takes an orthodox approach to fashion. Daniel's customer is modest but far from matronly. Ladies of more pious backgrounds take note,  covered up doesn't mean ugly  and Daniels' recent Fall Winter collection is proof. With geometric print maxis, jersey pieces with colors inspired by the Sahara, Tamar Daniel provided classics with a touch of trend.

images provided by Shabby Apple site and Guest of a Guest