The Secret of My Curlcess

With this being the longest summer ever, I've given up on straight hair and let my inner curly diva take over. Natural curls are easy and give you a more youthful look and who doesn't want to look younger. For me  it's not about products or wash techniques,  the secret of my curlcess is within the comb.  This will be   the only time you'll ever hear me say the less teeth the better. Most combs are designed for an easy transition through smooth hair, when you're curly, especially a tight curl, you'll need something that keeps the shape.  Those rat tooth combs with over a myriad of thin teeth will do nothing but ruin the shape of my curl.  The Ouidad Wide Tooth Comb allows me to keep the shape of my curls when dry but also allows me when wet, to keep hair loss to a minimum as I seek to detangle.  Curly hair needs TLC, and this wonder tool allows me to work from the end to the roots with no issue and very little hair loss. The Ouidad styling  line is used most often by this self proclaimed beauty junkie especially during the curly days of summer  but the wide tooth  comb is my most trusted styling tool.

Ouidad Wide Tooth Comb