Eddie Bauer Recharges Their Denim Line

Last month I was invited to a  Denim Fit event with Eddie Bauer. As I mentioned in a recent denim post, their new line of women's denim has hit the market and the three specific fits Truly Straight, Slightly Curvy and Curvy sized from 0-20 in short, regular, long,  tall and petite lengths have garnered fans including myself.

For safety reasons, I made this pic small so the full affects of my butt would not hurt anyone

 Fit specialist and head denim honchos from Eddie Bauer's corporate office were on site to give in depth knowledge of the line and help the ladies who attended find the perfect pair.  I  loved the fit and construction of my Truly Straight- gasp dark colored denim in fact I loved them so much, Eddie Bauer used my quote on a recent promo piece seen below. To get your hands on a pair of Eddie Bauer denim which retail for less than $90 head over to their site to purchase or walk into one of their 300 stores. Having a great denim wardrobe is a necessity and Eddie Bauer is taking advantage of it.