How Do You Get Pretty: Johnnybell of NY Trendy Moms

NYTrendymoms Blogger Johnnybell Sanchez 

Johnnybell Sanchez really does have it all. The stylish bombshell is a mom, a wife and helms the very fun and fabulous blog NYTrendyMoms which shows her ever evolving chicness. In between her stylish postings and running after her two young children, I was able to get Johnnybell to tell us How Do You Get Pretty.

Where you were born?
I was born in New York City. And I've been living here all my life. 

What was your first beauty purchase?
 A  Revlon lipstick from RiteAid.

What is your beauty routine?
My beauty routine is pretty much moisturizing my face, add my concealer and foundation. Fill in my eyebrows. Apply my favorite blush 'Style' by MAC. Apply my mascara. The end:) All the products I use are from MAC

Style Blush Powder by MAC

If your beauty routine had theme song , what would it be?
Anything  by TiĆ«sto

What product do you always stock up on?
Concealer, mascara and my favorite eyebrow filler 'Cork' by MAC

Eyebrow Filler Cork by MAC

You're a mom of two, what do you want to teach your girls about beauty and grooming?
Simplicity is always best! 

Has there ever been a beauty product that you loved but can no longer find it? If so have you attempted to locate it?
Not that I can remember. 

Whose beauty are you influenced by?
My mother has always been my beauty influence. Her simple ways always allow her to shine without even trying. 

Would you rather skip a manicure or wear wet hair?
This is such a hard question! But I'll have to go with skip a manicure.