Make-Up Monday

Artistry Light Up Lipgloss in Glitz

What a great weekend between the Williams Sisters grabbing gold medals and my audition for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the top of the week is already exhausting. Keeping it brief I have to highlight one of my favorite products this year. Picture this: you're in a dark lounge and you want to touch up your lip gloss but there is a mile long line to the bathroom. You forget to bring a mirror so what's a girl to do but   pull out her   Artistry Light Up Lipgloss.  What makes this lipgloss so special  you ask; well  with an LED light  on the  applicator and a built in mirror, you won't ever have to run in the ladies room ever again. The sheer formula looks great on top of a lip pencil or lipstick and  can just be that pop of color you need on a low maintenance day.  I pulled this out on a dinner  date and it led to a fun filled conversation and after dinner drinks. Take a hint ladies, this product is interesting enough for a date.  
Orly Flash Glam FX Collection 

Want to get nails like your favorite celebrity? Trusted brand Orly's new collection of glitter based enamel entitled  Flash Glam FX Collection will get you one step closer to nails like Beyonce's ode to Jay-Z seen below. With 22 sparkly spectrums to choose from, your hands may become more famous than you. 

Beyonce's Nail Art