Olympic Fever

You know I'm far from a sports buff but, the Olympics always  put me into a frenzy.  I have memories as far back as the  The 1984 Los Angeles games with Mary Lou Retton and Lionel Richie. Who can forget FloJo in Seoul or the Dream Team of the 1992 games. Yes, I maybe dating myself but my mom and I get more hyped than Micheal Phelps' mother during the Opening Ceremonies. For these 17 days every four years I look forward to Bob Costas and his amazing capability of making the perseverance and struggles of a badminton champion look like an epic saga. While  your chance of seeing your  image on a box of Wheaties,  will only happen if a they make texting an Olympic sport most of us can just watch and root for the home team or scratch your head trying to understand Ryan Lochte's grill, I'll happily do both.