Solution To Summer Bummer Hair

This being the  longest summer ever has caused for our hair to be frizzy, dry and just plain horrible.  Building off of  it's success with one of my mother's favorite hair products, Supreme Oil see post here,  Mizani has launched the Supreme Oil Moisturizing Treatment Collection. The three new products are designed to replenish color and chemically treated hair with a recipe of eight unique oils. Paraben, mineral oil and silicon free, the line which includes a shampoo, lightweight conditioner and a moisturizing mask will take your tresses put of this heat induced funk within just one wash.  For more information about this line and more Mizani products, visit their site here and get your glossy mane back.

Not to be outdone,  the Queen of Curls, Ouidad doesn't want you to leave your locks behind when it comes to sun protection. Sun Shield Sport and Leave In Conditioner is a lightweight conditioning spray that protects your hair from sun damage with UV blockers.  Great for those days at the beach or lying by the pool, this products keeps your color treated hair from looking oxidized.   With  paying all that money for amazing highlights, don't let the sun fry them away.  For more information or to purchase Sun Shield Sun, head over to the Ouidad website.

Miss Daja said...

I've tried a few Mizani products and actually liked them so I wouldn't mind giving this a try. My hair is fairly moisturized but for some reason it's extremely dry right at the crown of my head.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Miss Daja
No Boiz Allowed

Lo' Diva said...

Daja, this has been one long hot summer and if you are in the NYC area like myself, the humidity can actually cause your hair to be dry. I suggest that before you go to bed dab a light weight oil like the Mizani Supreme around your crown every other day.