Spoil Your Senses with Baroness von Neumann's Candles

Baroness von  Neumann Scented Candle Number 55 is the type of scent you want to come home to  after a long day at work.  It's a sensual bouquet of vanilla, guava and musk that induces hunger, soothes the mind and increases the libido. During the  warm weather months I usually refrain from burning candles. With open windows, fans blowing and air conditioning, you aren't able to appreciate the true scent of a luxurious candle  especially in the concrete jungle.  However, nights have been cool recently and as Summer winds down  I pulled out this candle  which was gifted to me at a preview and was knocked off my feet by the calming yet beautiful composition of scent. You got me, I'm a candle person, mainly because  they are  romantic in nature and I'm a secret romantic. I'm romantic   and luxurious even when I'm  home alone. Even if you're not a romantic, but are great on etiquette,  Baroness von Neumann candles make great hostess gifts. With luxurious packaging it's eye catching and channels not only great scents but excellent decor. As the baroness says: Live in Luxury. Spoil the Senses.

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