The Alice + Olivia Perfect Mini

Leave it up to Stacey Bendet of Alice +Olivia to create a mini skirt with an   ice cream bar  as a muse. Inspired by new Magnum Mini Ice Cream Bars, Bendet designed the two limited edition mini skirts seen in the sketch below. Set to make it's debut during New York Fashion Week, which is less than a month away, the skirts will retail for $396 and will be available online as well as in the Alice +Olivia stores. The super cute embellished pieces are part of a series of collaborations between the middle priced brand and the luxury ice cream bar company. Over the past year, Magnum Ice Cream and Alice +Olivia have done a series of commissioned works, events all with the goal of mixing sophisticated desserts with chic shoppers so that you will believe that  fashion people do eat.