The Swede Effect

First it was Abba, then Ikea followed by H&M and now we have Lexington.  The Swedes have an amazing ability to trickle in their design aspects and make us Americans devoted  consumers. With a very American moniker and a design  influenced by early  New England, Lexington is pure Swedish in concept and design. Originally  Lexington was  a home based line full of lush textiles for dining, bed and bath in 2007, they entered the apparel line for both men and women. Although, nothing can quite be compared to it,  Lexington does  have that  across the board lifestyle branding similar to Land's End or L.L. Bean but   with a higher  price point meets Ralph Lauren with less Wasp attributes.  To truly corner that aspirational old school clambake lifestyle, Lexington opened a concept store in East Hampton earlier this year. Lexington's  preppy meets Nordic concept is making way  and  truly channeling the  aesthetics of both Swedish style and Hampton living.  Here's a preview of the Lexington Fall line and for more details and to purchase head here.