Beauty Solutions For Big Problems

If you want to purchase basic cosmetics you have a myriad of sites, but if you need cosmeceuticals; that's cosmetics with pharmaceutical benefits, is the premier site. Let's face it, real life is more than just eye shadows and lip gloss, many of us are looking for solutions for   adult acne, thinning hair and crows feet and  your drugstore or beauty emporium  won't  always have the products you need. That's where LovelySkin comes to your beauty rescue. 

Launched over thirteen years ago, is the brain child of  Omaha based, board certified dermatologist Dr. Schlessinger. His goal with LovelySkin was to  give consumers the   access to products that usually you could only get from their doctor. Burn victims, rosacea, psoriasis,  and those who have had recent cosmetic procedures, will find the products prescribed and recommend by professionals  to sooth and make for a smooth recovery.  Being the recommended site by  both specialist and dermatologists a over the years, has grown to be one of the major destination sites carrying over 170 brands.   Never search high and low for your favorite product again, chances are, you'll find it at  the industry leader  go to site for specialty cosmetics and skincare.