Don't Thumb Your Nose

Allergies and all, I am a die hard lover of fragrance.  Call me old fashion but, I believe that you are never fully dressed without a  fragrance. My mother, grandmother and aunt have always been perfume buffs. They have the classics, White Linen, Shalimar etc and they also are open to the new classics Daisy, Angel etc.. My generation are either fragrance lovers who wear scent everyday or the complete polar opposite who   believe fragrance is old school. Personally, I feel sorry for them, simply because there is nothing that says feminine, classic and chic like a beautiful perfume.

Ever in my increasing collection of fragrance, the lovely ladies from Crabtree & Evelyn sent over their newest fragrance Himalayan Blue. Composed of citrusy top notes a heart of ginger and smoky base notes of sandalwood, Himalayan Blue is an ideal scent for the modern woman. Say you don't want to come across to sexy or too feminine but would not dare wear your husband or boyfriend's scent, this eau de toilette is light on the flesh but has dimension for the audience.

 I come across a little geeky, ever since my cosmetics chemistry class in college I've darted my conversations about fragrance using the vernacular of the industry. Fragrance is emotional as well and can easily cause one person to become enchanted while another person  can be repulsed.

I doubt anyone will be repulsed by Rain, the newest scent from the folks over at Clean. Early last week, I headed to their launch as I was a fan of their previous fragrance Outdoor Shower. My palate is complex when it comes to favorite fragrance. I love everything from gardenia to tuberose to melon. Clean Rain,  is neither super floral or heavy  woods it all depends on the composition. What I love the most about Clean Rain is the top notes of melon with mint  offset with warm base notes of musks and woods. In layman's terms it is  light at first smell but is lays subtle and heavy later.

Rather than just let us only smell the scent, the Clean Rain team let us smell the top notes, the heart notes and base notes separately so that we would understand the complexity of the fragrance as well as appreciate the individual components of the scent.   If you love light, natural scents that remind you of innocence, Clean Rain is for you.

Himalayan Blue eau de toilette
Crabtree & Evelyn
100 mL $45
30 mL $25

Shower Gel 200 mL $22

Hand Lotion 
25g $7
100g $19

Clean Rain
Debuts October 2012
Sephora, Ulta, HSN  and Dillard's
60mL  Eau de Parfum $69
30 mL Eau de Parfum $38

The fragrances mentioned in this posted were gifted by the makers.