Get A Millionare Smile On The Dime

A beautiful smile trumps a bad hair day or a puffy stomach any day. There a tons  of tricks to hide a frizzy  do or a little tummy but there are no coverups for a bad teeth.  Those snap in grills you see on Toddlers and Tiaras won't do over the age of 7. You either have a nice smile or you don't. How do we keep up a beautiful smile, pretty simple; a healthy  diet, at home oral care and check ups with your dentist.  Sounds easy but you'd be surprised at how many fall off from not just one but all three of that routine. It maybe money, it maybe time but in the long run, healthy teeth are a necessity. A number of fatal diseases are linked to poor oral care including, heart disease and diabetes, in addition tooth decay and lose are permanent.

Kiss My Face, a favorite of the natural beauty industry, also has an all natural oral care line and recently launched a new Whitening and Anti Cavity Toothpaste. Free from sodium lauryl sulfate, the ingredients that gives your mouth that sudsy look, artificial sweeteners and colors Kiss My Face is creating a natural chemical free way to get a million dollar smile. Retailing for $5.95 it is one of the least expensive within  the on the market.  Head over to Whole Foods or also the Kiss My Face website to purchase and start saying cheese.