Keep Your Feet Runway Ready

  New York Fashion Week is the  twice yearly hajj for the stylish set.  Ladies and some  gentlemen bring out their best  shoe game  but the concrete jungle  can bring  havoc to our  feet. Heels are a necessity but unless you're lucky enough to  have a driver you are more  likely to  carry a pair of comfy  flats in your bag to  rescue your shouting feet.  Flats and all after, seven days of pounding the pavement running from show to show you'll start envying little kids in strollers.

To calm my toes from the howling it will do for the next few days, I've started to use Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment. I like to call it a foot massage in a tube. The treatment hydrates, softens, exfoliates and soothes. So your achy feet will say aaah in a matter of minutes. It's a fixture in my purse for right now and for the past few days  I've found myself  sneaking  into a corner and  rubbing this argan oil and AHA combo  from my calves to my tippy toes. Rather than getting a foot massage or taking a bath in the middle of the day, the foot treatment does all of those things with the convenience of a tube.  I may change bags pretty often this week, but this product is always with me.