Rum Running

Out of all of the spirits, rum is the one that I have the most legitimate history with.  Growing up the liquor cabinet overflowed with labels declaring themselves  light, anejo, Barbados, Malibu, Thailand  the best rum  from  countries that friends and family had traveled to.

New to the rum market is Starr African Rum, which I was able to taste at the Global Festival Kick Off Party held at the Jane Hotel. Made in Mauritius, an  African island nation that  has been named the crown jewel of the Indian Ocean. With its paradise like setting of mineral heavy soil, pure water, trade winds in a  tropical  climate Mauritius,  makes for some of the best sugar cane in the world.

 Due to it's sophisticated distillery process, Starr African Rum is a   smooth clean rum  with little bite or aftertaste, never overpowering your taste buds. With hints of cherry and cardamom along with additional flavors native to the region; vanilla nutmeg and cinnamon, the rum truly embodies it's African roots.

With respect to the island nation, Starr African Rum is  fair trade and it is manufactured from an environmentally sustainable distillery that is completely self powered. In addition, a percentage of all profits are donated to various organizations that seek to help foster economic development throughout Africa.

The next time you pony up to the bar and order a rum and coke, ask for Starr African Rum and drink not only to good times, but to a better world. Even better, get your hands on  a bottle of Starr African Rum and make a Starr Fair Trade Punch, which was created by master mixologist Nick O'Connor from one of my favorite bars,  Apotheke. The fun time punch is great for a romantic night or if you're having a few friends over. Loved by ladies and gentleman it's the ideal punch.

Starr Fair Trade Punch
2oz. Starr African Rum
1oz. Blended fresh blueberries 
1/2oz. Fresh lime juice 
1/4oz. Agave nectar 
1/4oz. Ginger syrup

Unknown said...

I Thought I was the only one to try Starr Rum. It has a nice flavor, and goes down smooth. It's not as good as Havana Club, but it's better than Bacardi. The only drawback is that bottle is too tall to fit on my liquor shelf, so I had to drink the whole bottle.