The Six Minute Face Lift

Fashion Week can wreak havoc on your skin. Between the lack of sleep, lack of food well if you consider Champagne a food, and polluted NYC air, a girl's face can go from glam to grim in one turn of a heel. In milder times, a quick splash of cold water and a cup of green tea can erase five years off your face. After Fashion Week, you have to pull out the big guns and go H.A.M. to reinstate your face back to its rosy winter glow.

A good peel can work wonders on your face but if you don't have the time or money to head to a spa, this Intensive Skincare Renewal Peel from Artistry  gives you professional results at home. Formulated with a natural mushroom enzyme, this treatment works with your skin's natural pH to renew and regenerate your skin in as little as 6 minutes. Luckily, I don't suffer from wrinkles or fine lines, my concerns are more about dullness. It's suggested that you do a peel at most, twice a week on non consecutive days as to not cause irritation. Every Wednesday and Sunday night, I've added  this peel to my beauty routine and in less than 10 minutes, all the grime and crud lifts off and a radiant and soft face reappears.

What I love about this peel is that it's safe to use at home, there is very little  tingling if any and no irritation or redness post use. The results are immediate and long lasting up to six weeks per treatment. In addition, if you are looking to decrease the sign of aging on additional body parts including your neck or hands, this product works wonders.  Looking for a quick  beauty pick me up, go for a Renewal Peel you're only  six minutes to a fabulous face.