Stephen Burrows, Disco Era Designer Retrospective

Last Thursday, I ventured Uptown to the City Museum of New York for the Target sponsored retrospective "When Fashion Danced" in honor of living fashion legend, Stephen Burrows. With a dynamic guest list of  fashion's who's who, the reception was an emotional creative fete of diversity. A mixture of fashion's old and new guard, uptown and downtown, Black and White, American and European, those that attended  put their differences aside for a united support for Burrows.  "When Fashion Danced" highlights Burrows career beginning in the 1970s when he was dressing Diana Ross and Liza Minelli during the disco days of Studio 54. In an industry with very few designers of color, Burrows has broken barriers but has still felt the blunt force of a very monochromatic fashion field, none the less the man with rainbow pops on silhouettes, had brightened an industry that has for too long had a brown-out. To view "When Fashion Danced" a retrospective of Stephen Burrows, head to the City Museum of New York on Fifth Avenue and 103rd Street and see the works of a living legend.