Hello, Spring Is It Me You're Looking For?

Spring has been quite a disappointment  this year. Here we are some twenty plus days in and most of us here in the Big Apple are still wearing wool coats and scarves. Yes, I'm griping, spring is the time, I get to throw on one of my many vintage rain and shine coats and give life. Unfortunately, as late as last week, I would have looked  normal in a fur.  Packing away my woolens has been delayed and I have given up on going bare leg until I both me and Mother Nature decide to thaw out.  With cold weather, my hair and skin is has taken a beating. Don't let anyone lie to you, your skin, hair and nails are  affected by the weather not the date. Before you go bare leg  make sure you exfoliate, moisturize and self tan. A dry, hair pale leg is no bueno no matter what.