Diane's Inferno and Sauna Sale- DVF Summer 2013 Sample Sale

Yesterday was the first day of the bi-annual DVF Sample Sale held at 260 Fifth Avenue. In the past, I’ve scored some pretty amazing pieces that are   cheaper than both  department store cleareance  prices as well as  Off of Fifth. I had a science to sample sales, since the first one I went to I was 15, yes hunty, I am an OG, I’ve been in the game for years and yes there are rules to this sample sale shit.

When I shop Sample sales I usually don’t have an agenda, I do a little research on pricing and go there looking for a score, nothing more nothing less. The DVF Sale is a little different, this time around I actually had a shopping list and an agenda. All I wanted this summer was this:

The Abigail, a long sleeve DVF Vintage wrap maxi, a staple and something I don’t have in my wardrobe. Also, on my list were a few samples, hopefully dresses that I could have for stock. I broke one of my own rules  the Shop, Eat and Sleep Science to Sample Sales, I usually don’t go on the first day. I like to hold off and wait for markdowns but again, being an OG, there is a very slight chance that the Abigail would ever get marked down and that there would be my size. With all that background let’ get to the nitty gritty of what I like to call Diane’s Inferno.

I arrived around 5:30, there was a brief line that was organized and moved quickly, oddly enough, and waiting outside the sample sale was healthier than actually shopping the sale. It was 90 degrees yesterday, and it’s 2013 I’m expecting air conditioning in commercial spaces. Imagine, deal seeking fashionable women, racks on racks on racks of clothing in a space with no AC, chaos. I hit the sample rack as soon as I walked in and was grossly unimpressed, in past seasons I’ve scored some amazing dresses for $30-$50, this time around it was mostly tops and caftans. I spotted a sequin oversized sweater that could pass for a minidress along with a few pink shirts, then I hit the regular price racks and found Abigail, and went over to the fitting room. There was a line followed by a shitpool of anarchy in the fitting room. I will be the first to admit, I can do communal fitting rooms and not give a damn but I don’t like to be bothered while I am in one. Don’t ask me advice, don’t ask me for anything that I haven’t tried on, don’t ask me shit, I will help you zip something up and that’s it. Please tell that to the annoying duo next to me who thought I was there personal shopper. Also, the screaming staff in the fitting room should apply for positions with the NYC Corrections, there lies their talents.

After a quick edit, and trying on a few sequin pieces, I hit the check out where I met angry treasure troll in need of a hot-oil treatment. I had three items, a sweater, a sequin oversize sweater and Abigail. Treasure Troll, told me the dress was full price, which I knew but she also tried to jack up the price to both the sweater and the sequin sample. She called the sweater a wrap dress making the price go from $80 to $125 and the sequin piece was originally $50 which was verified from floor staff twice but she said she had the power to make it $250, I passed, I was able to get my major piece and I was happy plus, I knew I was coming home to a box of goodies as well. Why be greedy? Plus  I'd lost around 5 pounds in the Sauna Sale known as Diane’s Inferno  but I got Abigail and I was okay.

DVF Sample Sale

260 Fifth Ave cr. 28th St

Wed-Thurs 10-8

Fri 9-7

Sat 11-7