Five Things I Would Like To See More or Less of During Fashion Week

In a little more than a week, I am  going to strap on my heels and head to Lincoln Center or as I like to call anything above 59th Street, Northern Canada, for New York Fashion Week. In the past sixteen years, I have crashed, worked  both backstage and upfront as well as  attended Fashion Week, in the words of Ice-T, "I Ain't New To This."  With having some experience to this twice a year melee of fashion and foolishness, I have watched the tents as  an insider and taken in   the speedy change  to the Old Guard. As I plan my outfits and request invites, here's a  list of five things I would like to see more or less of  during Fashion Week.

1. More Models Of Color Less Runway Whitewash

On the 50th anniversary of MLK's I Have A Dream Speech you would think that in a world where non-whites are the majority of  global consumers as well as non-white culture being highly  influential, there would possibly be more models of color on the runway especially in the melting pot of New York. Well, for the past few seasons the runways has been white washed and there has been a diaspora of ethnic models. The industry will tell you,  no one is at fault.  Designers blame   casting directors, CDs blame it on modeling  agents, editors blame it on consumers and consumers blame it on, well  who do consumers blame it on?  Is it possible that the lack of color comes from a subconscious dream of a lily white fashion  world where there are no faces of color and everyone wears a size 0? It's 2013,  and with a  global economy with growing nations like China, Nigeria  and Brazil I'd like to have an explanation as to why we're still having this conversation?

2. More  Real Star Power Front Row Less Faux Celebs and Snookies

I'm in my thirties and I like my celebrities famous. Not infamous, but famous, like they have a body of work or a talent. They've wrote  books, recorded albums,  starred in movies,  had a reoccurring part in a television show. I am sick and  tired of the front row  being clogged with Insert Here reality star or tween tv show wearing a size 00 with no clue about the designer, the brand or fashion. I'm also so over the  actual fashion show staring twenty minutes late because paparazzi has to take 100 shots of Insert Here Starlet of Fleeting Fame who is taking classes at the Amanda Bynes School of Train wreck.  Oh how I pine for the days of  JLo and  Gwyneth and now I have to settle for Vito from Jersey Shore.

3. Less Street Style Savagery

 My mom makes a mean toilet tissue dress, you know the one you make at a Bridal Shower?  I'm expecting to see a few of those standing on Broadway and 64th waiting to have their picture snapped all in the name of fashion.  Gone are the days highlighting a well put together outfit from Shayla Monroque or Giovanna Battaglia.  Now there is a plethora of Look At Me, I'm A Living Breathing Fashion Gimmick. Some of the get ups are creative carnival inspired costumes but,  recently there is a lot of pathological ugly from the most basic men and women. If I could go back  to the good old days, when Bill Cunningham had 24-36 options on film to capture those truly worthy of highlighting their personal style rather than the minstrel show of the digital era.

4.More Shuttle Buses

Last season I overhead someone say New York is becoming less like Milan and more like Paris where shows  are scattered around the city and not in a unified location. With the increase of designers showing and many  designers looking for more remote locations to present, you can find yourself going, North, South, East and West running from show to show. My heart bleeds for the days when Fern Mallis had shuttle buses that would help transport attendees. I also weep for  Bryant Park and it's proximity to all the subway lines. I don't think I'm too good for the iron horse, but a girl can do but so much of the 1 train.

5. More Shiona Less ADR

I may get burned at the stake for this as Anna Dello Russo   is considered to be the Grand Cypher Divine of Street Style but  these past few seasons I haven't been  feeling  the Notorious ADR. Maybe it's over saturation, maybe I'm accused of ageism or  maybe Shiona's clean, crisp style and the fact she went to an HBCU makes her my Street Style Queen. In the world of Shop, and Sleep, we just want more Shiona.