Suitsupply The Menswear Mecca

I received  an invite to attend Suitsupply's Madison Avenue store opening last Thursday. I was briefly familiar with Suitsupply, I knew that this was the retail chain's   second store in New York the first being in Soho and that by 2014, there will be ten stores  in the US and a number of stores internationally including the UK, Italy and Mexico. Covering menswear,I've found that it can be broken down into two types; the hipster/street style/urban influencer or the conservative/robber baron/stoic chic. Factor in fast fashion and well, I've been pretty bored with menswear, until I walked into Suitsupply that is.

There is nothing more attractive than a well dressed man in a well tailored suit. Upon my entry into Suitsupply's Madison Avenue Store, I became privy  to a buffet of impeccable and well dressed gentlemen in suiting that ranged from classic to funky and everyone, customer, client and sales associate looked amazing. There were three piece suits, denim suits, double breast suits as well as accessories, shirting and ties that would truly upgrade a boy to gentleman status. I complimented a many a gentleman that evening and was so moved by the pieces I text every guy I knew to get on-board and start drinking the Suitsupply kool-aid. Here's the kicker, the price range is super affordable with suits ranging from $459-$759, shirting $79- $129 and outerwear $129-$799.  For well made and high quality menswear, those prices are a steal. Guys, if you're looking to update and upgrade  wardrobe, I strongly suggest you head over to the Madison Avenue Suitsupply and become a dapper don overnight.