Twenty Life Lessons to My Thirteen Year Old Self (Part I)

October means so much, Autumn's arrival, Oktoberfest and of course my birthday. I turned 33, a real adult age, a time where reckless behavior is still prevalent but is no longer acceptable. Birthdays as  are all milestones make you ponder, and evaluate the year  or years that have passed.  I decided to ponder on one specific birthday, my 13th, don't laugh, 13 is a significant age, the entry to teen hood the departure from adolescence classic literature is written on the 13 year old girl.  So as I started to think about all the differences twenty years make, I  composed a  list of life lessons from my  present day 33 self   to the  13 year old girl of my past.

1 1.    There are no 5’5” supermodels and there is a reason for that.
22.   The first to bloom is also the first to rot.
33.    A lot of men will be okay with your small boobs.
44.     Always be your truest most authentic self.
55.     Laughter really is the best medicine and music is an amazing drug.
66.     Boys are not everything.
77.   Your vivid imagination will someday grant you a vivid life.
88.   Just because no  one around you has done it, doesn't mean it can’t be done.
99.     The ones who made fun of your braces will probably have crowns, bridges and root canals now.
110.   Education will grant you more freedoms than you’ll ever know.
111.   Those friends you have now, you’ll probably still be friends with them.
112.   Your name is not weird.
113.   The things you’re obsessed with  you will probably not remember.
114.   Your annoying younger cousins, will actually turn out to be some cool adults.
115.   Your Mom/Aunt/Grandmother were not being nags, they only wanted the best.
116.   You will always love birthday cake.
117.   A game of Double Dutch  makes everything better.
118.   That boy you had a crush on, he won’t age that well.
119.   The kids talking about sex the most grow up to have the worse sex life. 

220.   Some day your grandparents won’t be here to spoil you. 

SStay tuned for Part II(Twenty Beauty Lessons to My Thirteen Year Old Self)