Girl Talk with CW's Hart of Dixie Star, Antoinette Robertson

Actress Antoinette Robertson plays Lynly on the CW's Hart of Dixie 

Antoinette Robertson may play a bad girl on the CW's hit show Hart of Dixie but in real life she's a sweetheart who loves her grandmother's cooking. The college chemistry major with Jamaican roots took time out from shooting her Southern themed show for a little girl talk and to speak the language of all things fab.

What are your favorite places to Shop, Eat and Sleep?

Let's start with eat because I am a foodie. I love my mothers'  and grandmothers' home cooking, I miss it so much while I'm away shooting so the second I get back to Jamaica I raid their kitchens. I have no idea what magic they put in their food but I just can't get enough. Trust me my jeans have ripped as a result.   If we're talking about restaurants, I really love sushi  so that comes in at a close second to my mom's cooking.  This maybe boring but, I like to shop online, I know my sizes and I don't really like dealing with  lines. My favorite place to sleep is in the arms of the man I am so deeply in love with, my other half. 

You have Jamaican roots do you have any beauty tips specific to your heritage?

My Jamaican roots and my love of coconuts influence my hair care and skin care product list the most. I love using raw coconut oil on my hair and body. My hair is super healthy because I use the product to seal my curls and my skin glows because of the natural multi-use cure all that is coconut oil.

You also have a New York background but has the Hollywood ideals about beauty and style influenced you?

Hollywood ideals have influenced my style but most definitely not my thought process about beauty. Style wise everything in California on a whole is more comfortable because of this amazing climate. I definitely put more effort into accessories and being on trend when on the scene in Hollywood.  You never know who you'll meet or who may recognize you from television and ask for a picture.  So because of that, I'd say it's influenced me in a good way. Although I miss layers, I  would much rather wear shorts all year long than a wool coat. New York feels to be more real and raw when it comes to beauty and I gravitate more to that. 

Have you ever had any fashion or beauty tragedies? 

I have had a few fashion tragedies. I had a fanny pack that I wouldn't  part with for about a decade. I was was young and I didn't know any  better. Beauty tragedies there have been a couple but the one that stand out in my mind the most was getting a facial for the first time with my super sensitive skin. I looked like a ripe tomato afterwards.

You majored in Chemistry in college, do you use that background when it comes to your beauty routine?

I've actually started working on my own skin care, hair care and a makeup line. I'm in the beginning stages of the process but my line is geared to staying as natural as possible and that is precisely how I approach my skin care and overall beauty routine. 

If you could raid anyone's closet whose would it be?

First I would raid my characters closet on Hart of Dixie, Lynly Hayes  she has the most awesome wardrobe, always on trend and accessorized to the max.  My  must have is   girly stuff, I need more of that in my life.  For curiosity purposes If I could raid anyone else's closet, I would raid both Prince's and Cher's closet. Something tells me they would be the most amazing time capsule filled with memories and experiences from the last 20 years. So many stories associated with those garments, I would go on a journey back in time probably just holding some of them and I'm sure they both have pretty cool shoe collections as well. 

You can catch Antoinette  on The CW every Monday at 8/7 Central and  also follow her on Twitter @ANR626