Have Fun From The Waist Down....With Tights

Have fun this fall with sheer jewel toned tights like these from No Nonsense. Available in 12 colors and only $6, you can purchase them all  and not break the bank. 

 Hosiery is a hybrid, it's  both a  necessity and accessory to your wardrobe.  A great pair of tights can add punch to a classic piece and keep you warm. During my time in middle school, I wore a uniform and wearing fun tights rather than your standard blah knee-his  kept me from going crazy. I had holiday themed tights with pumpkins and mistletoe  as well as a few with thunderbolts and I even threw in a pair of fishnets which didn't go that well with the Dean.  What I learned in the 1990s and have kept as  my style mantra is to have fun with tights as a way to cheer up a drab outfit.

I just discovered these Dana Maxx for Sculptz textured tights. Talk about fun, these control top tights, come up and stay up. This bow tie print is fun but checkout the chevron and maze print and see how many heads you turn. 

You can find hosiery anywhere, the bodega when you are in a bind and heading to church to leading designers like Donna Karan and Calvin Klein licensing their name. The leading brands such as HUE, No nonense, Spanx and Wolford have been worn  for generations and become  personal favorites. With an array of colors, designs and textures, you can have endless fun from the waist down  with no one getting their feelings hurt.

Invest in a pair of Spanx tights they will last for years. Seen here the Uptown Tight End Black provides a matte opaque finish to an outfit with built in shapewear giving a great shape by smoothing your belly, lifting your backside and slimming your legs.