Meet the Muddi, Canada's most Fashionable Rain boot

Pajar Muddi Rainboot $90

It's hard to find sleek, fashionable footwear for wet weather. They are either way to comfortable   and I feel like I should just have on a snuggie  when I wear them or, they require an act of God to  get on and off.  In my upcoming book,  I have a chapter entitled "How Many Drinks Till The Hunter Boots Stay On." It is very funny but mix liquor, feeling sexy and rain boots that won't come off, not a great visual.

Fortunately, I have found the ultimate rain boot thanks to Canadian brand Pajar. Sleek, easy to get on and  off with a fashion forward design the Muddi is my all time favorite rainboot.  Americans  have soldiers, Canada have Mounties and Pajar has created a motorcycle, cowboy, Mountie hybrid nylon rain boot that is  both fun and fashionable as well as  keeping  your feet not only dry but warm.   The Muddi may have an ugly name but  it is far from it. With a zipper placed in the  back  making it easier for ladies with fuller calves to slide into therefore never  having  to  beg your friend to help you pull  them off and nor will you have  that horrid  calf cleavage from a too tight boot. The matte material  gives you less of that childish rainy day look  and makes for a more polished  grown up  and practical footwear.

For more information on this boot and additional performance footwear check out the Pajar site here and give wet weather and ugly footwear the boot.