Cookbook Review: Katie Workman The Mom 100 Cookbook

I have a secret, when there's nothing on television, I like to have a glass of wine and curl up and read a good cookbook. Yes, it may be official old lady status but I've always enjoyed cookbooks as well as the art of cooking. I'm far from Martha Stewart but I do believe that there are tons of great simple dishes that can knock the socks off of some of these four star restaurants. 

Back in October, I attended a food editor event and received a copy of The Mom 100 Cookbook by Katie Workman, blogger and Editor-in-Chief of  I was searching for a slight twist on a few classic recipes so I cracked open Workman's book and was immediately hooked. Katie Workman's mantra is making peace with your kitchen and you are only as strong as your pantry. The whole running to the supermarket to whip a meal is not only ridiculous it can murder your wallet. An average person's shopping list consist of foods that you will eat over time. Running around your market looking for fresh star anise and Meyer lemons is far from realistic. Broken into 20 chapters, the writer's voice comes across as down to earth, and fun sort of like your Home-EC teacher and PTA mom just cooler and less threatening. Whether you're looking for a way to jazz up your classic meatloaf recipe or your first attempt at Cheddar and Cauliflower Soup, you will never feel like a failure or a domestic delinquent. 

 You don't have to be a mom to enjoy this cookbook, it's a collection of comfort foods with varying cultures made simple and budget friendly. The Mom 100 Cookbook is a solution heavy go to guide not just for people with families  but also  it's for single people whom are  lovers of a great pot luck, people who like to cook rather than do take out  and those who love to entertain. 

For more on Katie Workman head over to Cookstr and TheMom100 site.  Purchase your copy of The Mom 100 at Amazon or Barnes and Noble