How to Officially Celebrate New Year's Eve

If you're a native New Yorker like myself, the closest you'll get to Times Square and New Year's Eve is the television screen, but you can bring yourself a little closer with Moet & Chandon, the official champagne for Times Square New Year's Eve. 

With 11 foot bottles of Moet & Chandon posted amongst the route of Times Square, hopeful romantics can take pictures next to the bottle and also toast  to a kinder gentler and for me more glamorous New Year.

This New Year's Eve will be very intimate for me, as I promise to toast only with loved ones, but as I toast I will keep in mind a few tips from food writer and star of Bravo's Eat, Drink, Love Kat Odell. As we raise our glass to say so long to 2013 I'll use all of my five senses to have a full body toasting experience.  I will feel the glass in my hand, smell the champagne's aroma, look your loved one in the eye, listen for the glass to clink and then drink the champagne.  

Happy New Year!