Beauty Resolutions For The New Year

I'm not one for resolutions in the New Year, I prefer to pick up good habits and drop bad ones throughout the year rather than cloud my head with the thoughts of others. I do feel that if you want to kick off the New Year looking and feeling better these beauty resolutions below are what you need to start today.

Get Your Teeth Cleaned
They say your eyes are the windows to your soul, well your teeth are the gatekeepers to your hygiene. Great teeth are a sign of how well you are not only taking of yourself on the outside but also the inside. Tooth decay and gum disease are dental issues that later lead to major disease such as heart disease and diabetes. Pick up your phone and book a dental cleaning right now and get ready for a more beautiful smile in 2014.

Get Naked and Get Looked Over Head to Toe
Take your mind out of the gutter right now. When I say get a look over I don't mean get the dude at the corner to check you out, I mean get a dermatologist to give you a skin and scalp exam. Have every mole, freckle and bump looked examined by a trusted professional. Your skin is your largest exposed organ, lotions and potions are great at keeping age at bay but a full body exam is a necessity.

Melt Your Muscles
I grew up believing that massages were one of two things perverted and a ridiculous luxury. Well when I was 18 I got a massage and I just became a luxurious pervert and I am okay with it.  A great massage doesn't have to run you  to the bank, with LivingSocial, SpaWeek and Groupon you can score a professional massage for roughly around $50, not bad. The list is very long for the benefits of massage, use 2014 to discover them. 

Out with the Old, In With The New
Cosmetics have a shelf life. Between the exchange of bacteria and other organic materials, think mascara and lip gloss January 1st should be the day that you go through your make up bag, vanity and medicine cabinet and toss out all your old cosmetics. If you haven't touched in over three months- chuck it and replace it.

Cut it Off
The New Year is the perfect time to trim your hair. It is reported that by just taking off a half an inch can revitalize your hair by regaining the fullness that split ends took away. Don't hold on to ends, get a professional trim and watch how well your styles will hold and how much healthier your hair will look.

Try Something New
Whether it's Cross Fit, Oxygen Facials or Barre use the New Year to try something new.  A new beauty or fitness routine can awaken a fire in you and can get you to really kick the New Year in the gut.