Buying Wardrobe Classics At Trend Stores

Pick up your jaw, and say yes, to shopping for blazers,  and  button downs in the same stores as your teenage niece. Fast fashion retailers like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal maybe heavy on throwaway trends that are not known for lasting more than one season but with a trained eye you can actually incorporate wardrobe classics and not spend a fortune.

Defining A Classic

A wardrobe classic is usually a combination of the most boring yet versatile piece that gets the most wear in your wardrobe. Those items are usually neutral colors, black, gray, navy or white and they go with almost everything. They can  also can be considered safe  clothes and can be worn around grandma as well as your boss. Check out the  classics I found at fun retailers.


The Classic White Oxford

 A crisp white button down, is the anchor to your closet. There are stores that are dedicated only to white shirts and they can cost a fortune. Your only rule, for the oxford, it must be 100% cotton or silk. Another fabric and it will look cheap. The Old Navy classic above is only $25 and will get you more than your money's  worth.

The Blazer

When I was a little girl. I put on my mother's blazers and immediately felt like a grown up. It is as if putting on a blazer makes you straighten up, stand at attention and act like a professional. This Ruched Sleeve blazer from Wet Seal only cost $29.90 will give you that grown up look and feel for a fraction of the cost.

Pencil Skirt

Forever 21 is actually a treasure chest of classics. Case in point, this Must Have Knee Length Skirt for $7.80, who doesn't need  a modest length dark skirt for under $10-. The versatility in this piece and the price   guarantees that you'll  to get your money's worth in a few weeks.

The Dress Trouser
I equate finding a great pant to finding the love of your life.  It may seem dramatic but shopping for pants can be dreadful. Express has been my go to place for a well fitting well priced trouser for over a decade, classic cuts for all body shapes with fun city slicker names and at only $69.

The Little Black Dress
The little black dress is a wardrobe necessity and there are so many inexpensive options on the market like this midi from Rainbow. Who would have thunk it. The appropriately named Day To Night dress does exactly that, making it excellent for the workplace as well as any  after work place.