Five Brands To Watch in 2014

2014 should be the year to explore, trying new brands, shopping on new sites. The usual suspects work but nothing beats discovering a brand that has been around for sometime, it's like they say strangers are just friends you haven't met. So consider these five brands strangers until now, but life long friends of your wardrobe.

I love to call Ballasox, my sole saviors-get it sole, but really this Brazilian based shoe brand is a true wardrobe staples. Foldable flats that have a rubber sole a leather upper and less than $65, that's not only a sole savior it's a budget savior.

Carolinna Espinosa
Let 2014 be the year you say bye bye to faux leather shoes, unless you are a vegan. Quality over everything and  Carolinna Espinosa shoewear line channels practicality and punk.

D Brand
The Swedish sportswear line has both men's and womenswear but their denim line is a quiet force to be reckoned with great fits and amazing washes.

Art Deco inspired costume jewelry that rivals the luxury houses, this HSN brand has investment pieces that look like Old Hollywood.

Leslie Tessler 

These stylish capes will turn anyone into a superhero of style. Gorgeous and effortless  this vintage inspired outerwear line is going to make you forget all your other fashion choices this year.