Lupita Nyong'o Hair Is Everything-Here's How To Get It

We should just change this blog to Shop, Eat and Sleep with Lupita  because we love her over here. At last night's Golden Globes, Lupita kicked up her natural do with a killer blow out meets high top fade. Hairstylist Larry Sims gave us the inside scoop on how to get your hair laid like  Lupita.
Hairstylist Larry Sims 

Larry started Lupita’s glam look by liberally applying Smooth ‘N Shine Go Pro Curls Curl-Licious Mist to refresh and reactivate her natural curls. Next, Larry used a rat tail comb to insert a dramatic deep side part on the right side of her head. He then took the part back to the crown of Lupita’s head and combed her hair to each side. After the dramatic part was put in place, Larry then used Smooth ‘N Shine Go Pro Curls Butter Bouncin to hydrate Lupita’s hair to give it an easy moldable texture. For a finishing touch, Larry used got2b 2sexy voluptuous volume hairspray to keep her tresses in place through a long night of Golden Globe after parties.  Larry you did an amazing job, congrats Lupita's hair was high top laid!

 Smooth ‘N Shine Go Pro Curls Curl-Licious Mist $9.99
Smooth ‘N Shine Go Pro Curls Butter Bouncin’ $12.69

got2b 2sexy voluptuous volume hairspray $5.99

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