The Only Oil You'll Need This Year

Merlot Skin Care Grape Seed Oil 

2014 is the year of oil and this multitasking Grape Seed Oil   from Merlot Skin Care is the only one you'll need to get you through this brutal winter.  The light weight 100% natural anti oxidant oil is non greasy, is 50 times more  powerful than Vitamin E, and  can be used on the entire body from hair to face, lips, hands and body. Grape Seed  Oil's healing properties include the ability to  soften cuticles, repairs split ends and increase cell turnover.  It can be used as a  daytime moisturizer as well as  night, before you shower, as well as  pre-shampoo  and it  is light enough for everyday  usage on your hair.  It's part of my daily routine,   this one product and it doesn't get on my clothes, doesn't leave a funky odor and my hair feels soft, my skin feels luscious and my face looks radiant locking in moisture. Here's the closer, this oil  is super affordable and it is  just $8 for a 2oz bottle that can last you for about 2 months. Head over to Merlot Skin Care and get ready to throw out everything else for just this one multitasking beauty product. 
nicoletta said...

I love grapeseed oil i use it in a lot of my products x