Caress My Memories

Some brands have a way of coming back into your life after being away for a long time. Caress is one of those brands. As a child, I remember the beautifully carved peach colored  bar of soap that had a soothing and seductive  smell leaving my skin soft and smooth. I thought I was a woman, using the same grooming products as my mother. I remember the commercials of attractive cosmopolitan women working out, doing their makeup, heading out for a night on the town and even though the most exciting thing in my 8 year old social life was gym and recess I aspired to live that life all through a bar of soap. Fast forward to present day and a recent care package from  Caress arrived at my door   and all those memories came flooding back.

Caress Emerald Rush Soap and Body Wash 

Now I'm in my own home, in my own bathroom, that I have made into a luxury retreat. Every shower, every bath is a way for me to pamper myself and begin my day in the most simplest form of being fabulous. Whether it's  a bar of moisture rich  Caress Soap or the soothing scents from the shower gels, I start everyday feeling fabulous. So folks, what makes you fabulous every day? Join me on Twitter @ShopEatandSleep and use the hashtag #CaressMe and tell me how you do you put a fresh and fun spin on everyday life?