Doctor Bruce McLucas Schools Us on Fibroid Awareness

Bruce McLucas,  MD and  originator of Fibroid Embolization 

April 21-25th is Fibroid Awareness Week and today's post is from a renowned expert and how you can become aware of this issue plaguing women within our community.   First hand, I know a number of friends and family members whom suffer from fibroids and sadly, it is an epidemic among African American women as we are  three times more likely to be affected than any other race.  In addition, many women while still in their child bearing years  are told that hysterectomies are the only way to remove fibroids. To build awareness and other insight among this health issue, we spoke with leading expert on fibroids,  Dr. Bruce McLucas, MD  who is the originator of fibroid embolization a non evasive procedure that removes fibroids.  Dr. McLucas  has been featured on the very popular  talk show "The Doctors."  and is a   graduate of Yale Medical School.  Doctor  McLucas gave us his thoughts and insights on fibroid awareness, and we learned how there maybe a link between fibroids and keloids, see below:

 Shop, Eat and Sleep:   Do scientists have reasoning behind the higher rates of fibroids with African American women?

Dr. McLucas: There is no obvious genetic component to fibroids. In the general population, the risk of developing fibroids is 4 out of 10. In the African American community, the risk is 1 out of 2 women. We think this higher risk has something to do with the tendency of black men and women to form keloids. 

 Are there any holistic/dietary suggestions to decrease your chances of fibroids?

Many have suggested a high protein low fat diet, however, there is no evidence to support that diet helps control fibroids.

    Women who have been diagnosed, what are questions they should ask their doctor.

They should ask their doctor if they are a candidate for uterine artery embolization, which is a nonsurgical technique.

            Who are better candidates for UFE rather than the more traditional and invasive forms of fibroids removal.

All women with fibroids are candidates for UFE, which will not cause blood loss, scar tissue formation, and very importantly after this procedure, fibroids will not recur.

    Describe the procedure briefly- recovery time, insurance coverage, pre and post operation care.

UFE is an outpatient endovascular procedure. The abdominal cavity is not entered in any way. The recovery time is 5 days. UFE is covered by all private and public insurances. For post-operative care, women have very little restrictions placed on their daily lives. This is a big change from having a major surgery.

    Why do so many women avoid or delay the removal of fibroids?

Some women believe that their symptoms, along with their fibroids, will lessen or disappear once they reach menopause. However, fibroids may grow in the years prior and during menopause. Early detection and therapy will greatly improve a patient’s results.

For more information on Fibroid Awareness and non evasive removal procedures, please visit  If you, or someone you know suffers from fibroids, speak with your gynecologist and soon as possible.