What's New To Eat and Drink

When you love to cook, eat and host; nothing brings you greater joy than finding out about new food and snacks. So when we received an invite to attend the Editor's Showcase: Eat This! Hot New Products at the Marriott Marquis, we jumped at the opportunity to learn about all the new and healthy foods on the market. From healthy post work out snacks, to flavorful cocktails and grocery staples, the showcase provides you with an insightful way to enjoy food and stay healthy all within a budget.

Stouffer's Meat Loving Lasagna 

Frozen meals use to get a bad rap. The microwavable meals of my childhood were right up there with school lunch but those days are over. Later this year,  Chilis   will  energize  the frozen food market with  a new line of both single serve and multi serve meals. America's favorite chain restaurant is bringing bold and flavorful appetizers and entrees to your home for less than the cost of a night out. Stouffer's is also stepping into newer terrain. With a mac n' cheese dish made with real cheese set to hit the market in Fall, and a hearty lasagna that can serve four in stores now, Stouffer's is revamping comfort foods. Want to try something different ,  then go for Herdez Traditions with their array of well flavored ethnic sauces and frozen meals.

Pasta Chips 

Snacking is normal don't let anyone tell you it's not healthy to snack.   Craving crunchy; then go for Pasta Chips an innovative snack made  from semolina flour. More traditional, grab Popcorn Indiana and their new low fat line including a Saracha flavor.  Those that are addicted to the Asian condiment, sign up for Nature Box and grab a handful of the cashews flavored. Looking for a post work out pick me up,  try Perfect Bar which are  whole nutrition bars that are gluten and GMO free. Want something sweet and still nutritious, Power Crunch's line of dessert like bars will have you feeling a little less guilty. If those  don't fit your fancy, go BARE well as in snacks. The simple and delicious snacks are seven or less ingredients. Their coconut chips are a true epicurean snack especially when mixed with a glassy of bubbly.

La Marca Prosecco 

Speaking of bubbly, let's move on to La Marca Prosecco, a budget friendly yet still elegant alternative to Champagne. Want something a little more cutesy, then you've got to try Kinky Liqueur.  The fruity fusion of premium vodka is all you need for a fun night on the town. If you are holding off from booze but still want a refreshing drink, be on the look out for Little Miracles a combination of organic teas and super fruits. To all my juicers, Ninja Kitchen Products has a user friendly handheld blender that will make your morning smoothies a breeze.

What I was super excited about was Ciao Bella, oh the heavens parted as I had a spoonful of pure decadence. The gelatos and sorbettos are everything and I am salivating just thinking of it. Where the gelato stays in my dreams,  Veggie Fries are a girl's guilt free way to channel her inner fat chick well that and some warm melted Sharp Cheddar from Land O' Lakes. The foodie in me was excited to try every brand and I say this as I sip on my split of La Marca and my bowl of pistachio gelato.

*Click on the brands for more details. Not all of these products are in stores now.