Getting Fit and Staying Cool When its Hot

The gym in my neighborhood has finally opened up and I have become a full on gym rat.  Being that it's  just  walking distance from my bed,  getting fit and back in shape has become a highlight to my regimen.  Although I may speak about style and fashion,  for the longest  I put very little effort into my active wear appearance. I was content with an assortment of tee shirts and cheap leggings that really did nothing to highlight my personal style or actually take my workout into account. In addition to my outfits, my footwear was slightly shy of nontraditional. I would just throw on sneakers and not take into account the support I needed and the possible wear and tear I was placing on my body.

Athleta Prisma Tank $59

Well, finally I've seen the light, with a lot of help from Athleta, Under Armour, Ryka and Avia, all  brands who are at the core of fun and fashionable fitness apparel.  I've covered Athleta quite a few times in the past and   the  lifestyle brand is one of my early educators in active apparel technology. By incorporating patented technology of moisture and odor absorption, my workouts are far more productive and I actually look better both  during and after. Those days of tee shirts drenched in perspiration, sagging and hindering  you  from your physical peak performance are long gone. Now, I can go full blast and not offend fellow gym attendants with my sweat which leads to odor. I have garnered a number of both Athleta tops and bottoms that are flattering to my shape, make my workout fun and fashionable and leaving me in a state of comfort.

Under Armour No Show Socks $12.99

Under Armour is yet another brand that truly studies the varying degrees of fitness. As you saw last week, when I profiled their headband, the long lasting line of performance wear, is excellent in providing the right accessories such as the UA SpeedForm  No Show socks where all points from head to toe are understood for  maximum performance.  They are comfortable, they don't hinder and they don't smell when you take them off.  

Ryka Devotion Walking Shoe $89 

Footwear is key for staying cool during these warm weather months.  With my  workout I  currently I alternate between  Ryka Devotion trainers and my Avia Lite Guidance 6. Both pairs provide me with all around support from toe, heel, arch and ankles as well comfort and  cool factor.  Medical foam heels are key for an individual  who tends to over pronate while running and on my treadmill days the Avia does its duty. For days where I do weights or aerobics, the shock absorbing and lightweight Ryka Devotions give me a leg up in the competition.

Avia Lite Guidance 

I'm making my fitness not only more fashionable but I am managing the care of my body at the same time. If you are looking to not only look better when you work out  but also get your best workout, get familiar with Athleta, Under Armour, Avia and Ryka and see the amazing difference.