Keep Your Hair Under Wraps While You Workout

Under Armour Women's Armour Wrap 

A few years ago Huff Post published an article that Black Women were  forgoing  exercise to maintain their hairstyles. It rang home and I was always finding a reason to not work out and  a lot of times I was working my workouts around my hair. It wasn't that I had an elaborate hairstyle but I primarily wear my hair straight and even when I wear it curly, I still loathe washing it more than once a week. Now, for me washing hair once a week may sound disgusting but newsflash, I'm black, I don't wash my hair every day or every other day.

Recently, I started to workout again, I was expanding and it was not sexy. I was also experiencing some of the health issues of eating poorly and not exercising. My sleep and my skin were affected and I was feeling like a lump of lard. Fortunately, a Crunch Fitness Gym opened down the street from my apartment so I felt as though there was absolutely no excuse for me to not  get my body back. Getting my body back and making my blow out last was a perplexing situation. I sweat a lot during my workout and I was pretty much stuck with the fact that my hair would just be a hot mess but my body would be hot. I figured you couldn't have it both ways and I'd rather look great naked and put my hair in a bun.

Hold, your breath because I found a solution. I could stop looking like a hot sweaty mess, maintain my blow out and work out. Thanks to Under Armour Women's Armour Wrap, a lightweight foam wrap that helps to keep hair from falling in your face and absorbs sweat all while being disposable. It's sort of like a headband but minus the discomfort. All you  have to do is measure the length of wrap you'll need, tear  or cut it, wrap around like a headband, tie it and go forth and work out.   I tried it  this weekend while  I did a kick ass high impact cardio workout, and maybe one or two drops of sweat fell down on my face and post workout, my hair right around the edges was still dry. I felt great and looked great and have now incorporated the armour wrap into my workouts.  So now you want to know how much right- does $4.99 sound great. Yeah, I know it does and you get about 15 workouts per roll, so now ladies there is no excuse to get a great workout and keep you hair looking great.