The Only Sandal You Will Wear This Summer

 Most people don't put major consideration into  sandals. The majority are looking for something cute, reasonably priced and usually flat for what they believe is comfortable. I wish it was so easy, I'm probably pickier about sandals than I am about boots or heels. My problem with  sandals is that they are  usually super flat  and can cause major  pain.   See, I have a high arch, I can't wear super flat shoes, they kill my ankles and my feet worse than a stiletto. A shoe  with no support of the foot is a major no no for a New York loving pedestrian like myself.

Tide Sequins Vionic Sandal 

So what is a girl to wear in this concrete jungle without looking like a fool and without injury? Vionic has
come to the rescue with  a stylish and patent pending foot friendly technology that makes wearing them  both chic and functional.  What makes the Vionic Sandal so amazing, well let's count the ways. First off, they're  light weight so your feet and ankles won't get tired after walking one block. It's shock absorbent, reduces ankle pain and has been reported to realign your feet to their natural positions and the best part is that the ones I own, have sequin.

Before you decide to run and buy a pair of disposable flip flops or sandals, head over to the Vionic website and invest in a pair of sandals. You and your feet will thank me.