The Summer Palate of Luxury

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting under the  summer sky  sipping on  sangria and  snacking on chocolate.  I've come to realize that life's pleasures can be resolved with peace, quiet,  great food and drink.   Sangria is the cocktail of summertime. The light refreshing beverage has a number of varying recipes but, I've managed to take my recipe to the next level by using Pavan, a liqueur that is composed of Muscat grapes and orange blossoms. It is a true tongue tickler that makes you think that all the sangria of your past where merely offset generic brands of college party mystery punch. The French inspired Pavan is beautiful to look at as well. The bottle resembles a vintage perfume bottle from the Art Deco era. Every time I touch it, I feel like a little bit of Josephine Baker and Daisy Buchanan are being poured into my veins.  

Nothing heighten the flavors of a great liqueur like chocolate.  So while I sip on my Pavan laced sangria, you can also  catch me indulging in a Magnum ice cream bar. Since a girl has got to maintain her figure, I am more prone to having a mini rather than a full size bar but, on cheat days I go for the full size and just put a little more cardio in the following morning. I know one thing, a Magnum Ice Cream bar can make a bad day into one of the most amazing moments of your life. The suppressed chocoholic in me has come to looking forward to the newest flavor Chocolate Infinity, which holds true to its name. Dark chocolate ice cream, with a chocolate swirl dipped in dark chocolate with coca nibs, can we just call it Heaven? 

Make your summer nights a little more luxurious with Pavan and Magnum Ice Cream and the food fulling endorphins will truly outweigh any of your calorie counting guilt.